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Suite 11) Level 1/17 Carrington Rd, Box Hill VIC 3128

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Suite 11) Level 1/17 Carrington Rd, Box Hill VIC 3128

Official Licensed Building Inspection Company in Melbourne
All inspectors are licensed and provide on-site inspections

Registered property inspectors, registered builders, and professional pest control experts
Safeguarding your property
Melbourne inspections starting from $299!

Official Licensed Building Inspection Company in Melbourne

All inspectors are licensed and provide on-site inspections

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We guarantee that every inspection is conducted by a licensed inspector

Melbourne Building Inspections

“A Plus House Inspection” is an exceptional property inspection agency composed of a skilled team of licensed construction experts, known as the “Builder Group”. Each inspector possesses years of experience in local company inspections and construction, making us a battle-tested force among Melbourne’s Chinese community in the field of building inspections. Our mission is to assist Melbourne’s friends in understanding the current condition of their properties, conducting thorough inspections, acting as your guide throughout the inspection process, and providing the highest quality of service for your property with timely and comprehensive reports.

The aim of Anjia Building Inspections is to promptly provide the most professional and independent advice for Melbourne’s Chinese community, helping you make informed decisions when buying, selling, constructing, or renovating properties. This often results in saving you time, money, and avoiding unnecessary troubles.

Note: Please ensure to check if the inspector is licensed to avoid potential inspection risks.

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Essential for Melbourne Property Purchase

By obtaining an inspection report from A Plus House Inspection’s most reliable inspectors, you can easily safeguard the quality of your real estate investment. If you seek a high-quality newly built house and not mere unfounded claims from developers or builders, all you need to do is contact us through a simple phone call, email, or by adding our customer service through WeChat. We can help you achieve maximum returns with minimal investment.

We Guarantee Licensed Professional Teams for Every Inspection.

Our inspectors have years of practical experience in the construction industry.

Our inspectors always provide the most professional and courteous service to each customer.

We continuously build upon this foundation by pursuing further education and comprehensive training in all aspects of technology, practices, and industry-related regulations in the Australian construction industry.

Our services are the most thorough in the industry, with highly detailed and comprehensive building reports. All our inspectors are well-versed in Australian building regulations such as the Building Code of Australia (NCC/BCA), all relevant Australian Standards, acceptable standards and tolerances set by the Victorian Building Authority, and other standards and regulations. This in-depth understanding makes us the most professional Chinese inspection organization in Melbourne.



Customer review

Kennan and Cheng were incredible to work with. They responded right away, and were super collaborative and easy to communicate with. Kennan made sure we felt confident going into this process and made sure to answer all our questions. Cheng was very professional during the inspection, and incredible detail-oriented — he even noticed every tiny detail of the space that made me feel like we were in good hands. Thank you both for all your help!

Daniel L , Melbourne VIC

They’ve being referred to me by a friend and I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring building inspections! They provided very detailed report, acted professionally and efficient during the inspection. Very friendly staff and great service! Will definitely reach out to them if I need another inspection!

Sarah W , Melbourne VIC

I just came to Melbourne this year, and I am very unfamiliar with the new environment. Especially after hearing from many friends about the problems that may be encountered when buying a house, I was very timid when I wanted to buy a house. It helped me a lot in the process, and finally let me buy a house I liked. I will definitely recommend you to friends who want to buy a house and inspect the house in the future. Like and like!

Jing L , Melbourne VIC

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Suite 11) Level 1/17 Carrington Rd, Box Hill VIC 3128

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