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Suite 11) Level 1/17 Carrington Rd, Box Hill VIC 3128

Newly-Built Inspection

Purchasing a property will be a crucial part of all your investment projects, so your choices must be made with utmost caution. A Plus House Inspection can provide reports that are simple to understand to assist you in making the best decisions. Our inspection reports follow Australian standards, allowing you the confidence when buying a property. It may even help you avoid a terrible agreement that could result in high repair costs.

When buying a new property, it’s important to look beyond its exterior and claims of being in “good condition.” Getting a second opinion from construction experts is essential. At A Plus House Inspection, our inspectors use specialized tools to thoroughly assess visible and hidden areas of the property. We even check for leaks, moisture, and termite issues within walls. If we find any concerns that could impact your investment, our report can protect your rights and enhance your negotiation stance. This means you can confidently make your purchase decision, knowing that the property has undergone a thorough inspection by A Plus House Inspection’s professional inspectors.

Our thorough new property assessments usually take place after the completion of plumbing and electrical work. By this stage, essential finishing elements like paint, tiles, carpets, shower screens, and ceiling insulation should be installed. Appliances are also in place and functional. We meticulously inspect fences, exterior pavements, sidewalks, and drainage systems. If your architectural plans include features like pergolas, decking, rainwater tanks, or retaining walls, we ensure compliance checks. These evaluations follow a detailed review of your building contract and plans, guaranteeing a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of your new property.

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